Live Energy Links

CSUSB Energy Dashboard

Provides regularly updated rotating graphs for CSUSB electricity data by submetered area, including building-level data and usage and power density comparisons. Please check back for new developments.

San Bernardino Campus Photovoltaic Array Generation

This site provides 15-minute interval updates for on-campus photovoltaic energy (kWh) and peak power (kW) production. Please note that there may be up to an hour lag in viewable data.

To view individual arrays, click on the 'Solar' tab at the top left, then click on the 'List' button in the upper right corner of the window and select one of the sites. The HP and PE building arrays are both in the 'CSU San Bernardino' site; for this you may view the combined data or select each of these two arrays from the second drop-down arrow at the upper right of the 'Data Analysis' section.

To view the type of data available for that site, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right of the 'Data Analysis' section and select either 'Solar Energy Production' or 'Peak Solar Power Production'.

To view different time periods, ranging from current day to current year or a particular date range, click on the corresponding button at the bottom left of the 'Data Analysis' section.

For more information about the photovoltaic arrays, please visit our Projects menu.